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Terms & Conditions

For your reference, this page must be read fully and must be understood by all applying parties. Registration requires full adherance to these terms and conditions as stated.

All users are bound by the terms and conditions written on this document. Please fully read and understand the contents of this document for your guidance. Bit Intense Limited has rules in place for safety and security of the operation of all the users of our website.

During registration, all users are required to agree with the terms and conditions of Bit Intense Limited. If you registered without comprehending or going through this document, then it is immediately assumed that you hereby agree and are bound the terms and conditions of this website.

Section 1. Registration and Use of Website

All users who register must understand that they can only register for one account on our website. Those who register multiple accounts for whatever purpose will be banned from using our website and all IP addresses they use will be banned from accessing our web server services.

A valid e-mail address must be used to register on our website. Please refrain from using dummy e-mail addresses because we will communicate with our users via e-mail for updates and account concerns.

Please use a unique password in registering an account with Bit Intense Limited. We are not responsible for loss of access to your account due to your negligence and use of weak passwords.

While you can opt to use an easy to remember password we highly suggest you use a password randomizer when creating an account with us.

The use of our website is bound by strict rules where users are required to adhere and abide by.

Section 2. Violations & Repercussions

There are several violations which we take seriously on our website. Here is a list of a few things that users are forbidden to commit.

a. Multiple account registrations
b. Spamming
c. Misrepresentation
d. Commission hoarding via malicious methods

Communication is key in any discussion and therefore, if you have committed such violation, it is of your best interest to contact us immediately so we can discuss the best method of amendment we can work with to alleviate the situation and perhaps just give the user a slap on the wrist.

All violations, if repeated multiple times or if blatantly intentional, leads to banning and termination of the account or accounts involved.

Section 3. Deposits & Withdrawals

Bit Intense Limited accepts 4 different kinds of crypto currencies.

a. Bitcoin
b. Ethereum
c. Bitcoin Cash
d. Dash
e. DogeCoin
f. PerfectMoney
g. Payeer

All rates are based on the real-time USD values of each crypto currency. More information available on the deposit confirmation pages for each processor selected.

Deposits not instantly added due to technical issues or incorrect amounts transferred will need to be brought to our attention. Please contact support if this incident is encountered. Again, we will add the deposit, if minimum deposit is met, as fast as possible.

Withdrawals on Bit Intense Limited are processed manually. By manually, we mean anywhere from 1 to 12 hours, including on weekends on holidays. We strive hard to process withdrawals as quick as possible but a grace period of up to 24 hours may be required depending on the workload we have, as we have thousands of user accounts we handle.

Section 4. Affiliates or Referral Program

At Bit Intense Limited, we value our marketers whether voluntary or involuntary. We reward all successful affiliates with 8% of the gross deposited amount of their referrals. We have 3 levels of referrals in our affiliate program and we pay with the following rates: 1st Level - 8% , 2nd Level - 5% , 3rd Level - 3%. We do not condone cheating for referral commissions so please avoid doing this as it may lead to account termination and forfeiture of all account balances including active investments if any.

If you referred somebody and you do not see this referral on your referrals list, please contact support for rectification. The referral must contact us first before the referrer does. We will review the referring links from that person's logs in order to prove referral ownership.

Section 5. Investment Plans

We have 3 investment options at Bit Intense Limited. Quick details of all the plans are listed below for your reference.

a. Max Trade Plan - 7.0 to 8.0% Daily For 20 business Days

This will run for a period of 20 working days or 28 calendar days. Earnings will be credited only on work days, that is, Mondays to Fridays. No earnings will be credited for Saturdays and Sundays. Withdrawal is daily. No capital return after the end of investment cycle as capital is embedded in daily earnings of 7.0% of investment amount.

b. High Trade Plan - 10.0 to 15.0% Daily For 20 business Days

Here, upgrade investment package from "Max Trade" with high profits from 10.0% to 15.0%. Plan will run for a period of 20 working days or 28 calendar days. Earnings will be credited only on work days, that is, Mondays to Fridays. No earnings will be credited for Saturdays and Sundays. Withdrawal is daily. No return principal after the end of investment cycle as capital is embedded in daily earnings up to 15.0% of investment amount.

c. Mining Plan - 4.0% to 8.0% Daily Forever

This investment package will works forever. Earnings will be credited include week days and weekends, means Monday to Sunday. You earn 4.0% to 8.0% daily for the period and forever. Earnings are credited daily and daily withdrawal is possible. Inclusive of principal.

Section 6. Termination of Account

Request to terminate an account is possible by contacting support and requesting for your account to get terminated. A stringent procedure of verification will need to be followed to prove ownership of account before the account gets terminated.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the support section.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions on this page, please leave this website and we hope to see you again once you find our terms and conditions acceptable.

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